is established as a SSI unit engaged in the production and supply of eco-friendly agricultural inputs like, Liquid Bio-fertilizers, Liquid Bio-Pesticides and Liquid Bio-Control agents and the carrier based fertilizers TARI VAM and TARI Vermizyme. This unit is started in the year 2003 as the sixth unit in the world and second unit in India to apply the latest technology in producing these Bioorganic inputs with a shelf life of 2 years and with a high population density of 109 c.f.u/ml (100 crores c.f.u/ml). Our products are also resistant to high temperatures and UV radiations. It was strongly felt that biological inputs couldn’t become an alternative to the chemical inputs for the control of various diseases and pests in Agriculture and Horticulture.

TARI BIO-TECH is a ISO 9000:2001 certified company and has developed its own R&D engaged in Bio-Control Research and developed several products using different strains for several crops and concluded successfully that biological inputs will definitely be an alternative to chemical inputs for the control of various plant diseases and pests which were even difficult to be controlled by chemical means. It has also been proved that the products are extremely safe to environment, animals and human beings. TARI BIO-TECH is serving the needs of farmers by creating awareness on “Biological approach of crop management” through the introduction of these beneficial products using the latest technology. The company has established excellent marketing arrangements through distributors and dealers network throughout Tamil Nadu and also through renowned established companies all over India and abroad. Since the technology is the latest, which is the liquid formulation, the products have a very high export potential throughout the world. The steps for package and supply of mixed liquid formulations to the individual crops such as coconut, paddy, Banana etc., are being undertaken such that it will be more easier for farmers to use.

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